About Cactus Moon

Cactus Moon is an first-step publisher dedicated to the art of storytelling to teach, entertain, and enrich.

As a small press, we are interested in first-time authors. We seek to assist authors whether they are looking to write as a profession or as a hobby.

What do we do?

1. We encourage authors to create a professional persona and learn how to market their book to a target market. 

2.  ​We encourage team-building amongst our authors with online bi-monthly meetings and weekly emails that include links to information important in the field of writing.

3. We challenge the author to learn more about their craft and network with other authors.


Do you require an agent?

No, but we do require a CV and detailed marketing plan at time of submission.

Do you set up events and other marketing activities for authors?

No. We are not publicists or author managers. There are plenty of options for authors to create online and in-person events and we include links to book sellers in their area and links to writing memberships in their area.

Do you edit books and create book covers?

We do a copy-edit in the beginning and at the last format for publishing. We do NOT offer line-by-line editing or content editing. If we receive a submission that requires more editing than we offer, we will make those recommendations to the author at that time.

Stop by for a visit!

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